One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart


by Betsy-Morgan on 01/08/20

     Please know that I feel protection is necessary when doing psychic work. This spiritual work involves energy which is amazing and mysterious. The better you get the more mysterious and wonderful it becomes.  I feel you must keep yourself protected and do not dabble in negativity. Channeling, as well as all energy work, is not a party game.  It is a wonderful spiritual activity that deserves our respect.

     As we open our energy field to help others, we may bring some of their energy into our field.  Since we are helping them to heal, some of that energy may feel negative, confusing or unhappy.  You can keep yourself from bringing that into your energy field by doing a simple exercise before you begin your channeling session. Here are 3 sample exercises:

    Here is one exercise!  Close your eyes, drop into your heart and take several deep, relaxing breaths.  Ask for the presence of light and love to guide and protect you throughout your session and throughout your day.  Ask for more light to protect you while you are doing your spiritual work.  Visualize a beautiful bubble of pure white light moving from your heart chakra up into your entire auric field and beyond. Know that this cocoon of Light is your protection. Ask for an angel to stand between you and the client to dissolve any negativity that may be released during the session.  Think to yourself “Only Love can enter here”. Then, give Thanks!

**FYI:  This information, and more protection exercises, can be found on page 122 of my book, “I’m Beside Myself ~ A Beginner’s Guide to Channeling”


by Betsy-Morgan on 06/21/19

In answer to: Is there anything that you see that would be beneficial and in my highest good at this time to focus on or attend to?

I would say to:

1.)  Practice.  (Keep your Spiritual times light, fun and fill with a sense of play and freedom.)

2.)  Don't judge yourself or your channeling.  (LOL -Try not to judge ever.)

3.)  Listen to any Orion channeling over again as it has very high level vibration which helps us always to lift, and consciously connect to the Divine messages.

4.)  Avoid negative thinking and feeling.  (Includes, read some Maryanne Williamson or Neville books....a page or two every day.)

5.)  Remember that every thought or feeling is a prayer and attracts that which you are assuming.

6.)  Work on your consciousness.  That's really who we are and all that we take with us.

7.)  Trust the process. WHATEVER you are going through - there's a good lesson there for you. Give "thanks" and ask your guides, "What is my lesson?"

Also, of course, get a channeling with me to hear from Spirit anytime you feel called to do so! 

                                       Lots and lots of angel-love!



by Betsy-Morgan on 06/20/19

In answer to your question..."Have you ever had anyone who was definitely not meant to become a medium/channel, even if they desired to become one? “

People become what they allow themselves to become through their beliefs and consciousness.

It takes some people longer than others (to become prof channels/mediums) because they have to clear their mis-beliefs.  (energy blocks) 
You can have those removed, .....
or you can ask Spirit yourself to remove them!

For everyone, it will simply take practice and belief in YOURSELF!! 

Please don't limit your dream because of the past or what anyone else thinks.

We create our physical reality from our OWN consciousness....nothing else!


and then you will attract it!  Use the Law in your best interest. Don't judge yourself ever.

Don't count the days...but, FEEL the pleasure of internal LOVE! Use the Law of Attraction.


SO, the answer is: usually, people who want to channel DO channel!!...the art of connecting with Spirit and speaking it,

brings a Holy energy through your body that heals those mis-beliefs ~ and releases you to your spiritual freedom of expression.

So, you have GOT TO CHANNEL to heal yourself and experience your inner gifts.  

Praying that you enjoy your journey. 
You are going through this for a reason.
You are becoming something even more beautiful! 

                                       Look for the Silver Lining!



by Betsy-Morgan on 02/26/19

Dear Beloved Beings of Light!

       I greet you all from my heart. I am Mary Magdalene and I am here from the Grace of God in me and in you.  You have sent me. And, the God in YOU has sent me.  God has sent me to comfort you and to tell you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Never.  I am with you and my Son is with you always.  DO not forget to ask us for help when you need it.  SO many of you “deny God”, thinking in your rational mind that “miracles cannot happen.”  When you think this, you are so wrong.  You need only BELIEVE.  When you truly believe, it can be done “Thy will be done.”  “As you believe, it will be done unto you.” “As it is in Heaven, so it is on earth.” (material manifestation.)

    Refresh yourselves therefore in this reading.  Let me refresh you.  Be ye REBORN! Come to me. Close your eyes. Let me touch you softly upon your forehead – there. Feel my touch, my love. This day a miracle is coming unto you.  Give thanksgiving IN ADVANCE.  This demonstrates your Faith.  In Faith, you shall be blessed.  Nothing is impossible to those who believe.

     I know many of you say, I HAVE believed and it was not done.  Look, therefore, to Abraham.  He trusted over and over again and had to prove himself to God.  Why?  It just was necessary.  And, now he lives forever an example of what TRUST and Faith and Belief look like. He received his Miracle!  Let him be your example, your mentor.  DO NOT GIVE UP... For YOUR DAY HAS COME!


What Is Your Role In This Life? = Your Task, Your Path?

by Betsy-Morgan on 02/26/19

What Is Your Role In This Life? = Your Task, Your Path?

     The answer lies in your inner reality. It is always about staying close to yourself…your emotional, spiritual inner self… the “way” lies within. Your way lies within you. It is often so hard to accept this, because we are taught from infancy to DO, to take action, and then, the outer world govern us. But, we’re so used to it, we don’t notice it. And, then we judge ourselves – when we are perfectly beautiful and innocent and trying!

      Our physical reality is NOT governed by outside events or people. The reverse is true!  It’s our own inner world that attracts to us our good ~ or our fears.  We may get tired of hearing this.  Why? Because, we DO try over and over, and it seems to no avail. Have patience. Be WILLING!  Once more. Believe your HEART and not your head - the logical mind.  Believe in your passion, your inner Guidance, your Joy. THIS is pointing the way for you. Guidance is WITHIN, and not in the world of form.  FEEL AS IF IT IS PRESENT NOW!  And, it shall be.

      You are already familiar with this inner world, with the peace and calm that you can find there. For this reason, you are at this time to be guides or teachers for others and to be that in the most free, gentle sense of the word. Not like those who are leaders in the traditional sense, but to be a living example of how to make a deep connection within yourself, with what transcends the earthly life, with what transcends outer certainties, and with what is independent of these – a connection with your soul. No matter what else is your calling or what you are doing ~ To radiate this connection to others is in a sense your life’s mission. It brings you directly into the core of who you are, and in this way, you also touch others and invite them to do the same.

       When YOU GIVE AWAY what it is you want ~ this is the FASTEST way to attract it to yourself!


BE HERE NOW ~ Living with Power!

by Betsy-Morgan on 02/26/19

BE HERE NOW ~ Living with Power!

 Hello and welcome to the channeling.  This is Betsy-Morgan here with Sir Paul, and we’re so glad that you have joined us today.  We’re going to begin by once again allowing ourselves a moment to center so that we can feel this lovely energy that’s always round us.  So together collectively we release anything that might be trailing on our energy field in our thoughts or emotional bodies as unpleasant, any worrisome thoughts, any emotions that you feel were hurtful.  We invite 100,000 angels to come to us right now and to cleanse us, bringing in their love and their light.  They easily and joyfully lift away from us all negativity of any kind—emotional, mental, physical—and allow us to reside in Heaven, Heaven on Earth.  And we are hereby reminded that Heaven on Earth is a choice that we have moment-to-moment.  It is available to us right now.  It’s within.  We’ve been fooling ourselves.  We’ve been looking outside for our Heaven, and we all had preconceived, pre-constructed ideas about what Heaven is to us as individuals.  We’ve taken it upon ourselves to imagine, to create a Heaven, and if the world does not abide by our own imagination of what it should be, then we let ourselves get upset.  But who is to say what Heaven is?  Let’s take a look at that for a moment before we go deeper.  Right now I want you to know I am talk-channeling.  I am being influenced by the Divine I Am.  They are coming into my thoughts, allowing me to be spiritually open, and they are being creative with my own vocabulary to construct for us understandings and peace.  Oh here they come in deeper.  I’m going to let myself go deeper.


Beloved ones, these are the archangels, and we say unto you truly you are in Heaven on Earth.  It is so, and it cannot get any better unless you yourself decide that ye be there now.  And this is your choice, and this is oh so much of what is meant by being aware in the moment, that being in the moment only, not the past, for them you recreate this negativity that held you captive in a prison.  Why would you put yourself back in the prison of your own making?  It is not needed.  It’s certainly not wanted by you, but it is oh so pleasurable to the ego to say it is someone else’s fault, my unhappiness, my dilemma.  And we say why do you look to the future for your salvation?  Saying if only this would occur, then I can be happy and free.  Then I will feel beautiful and valuable.  Who are you right now?  How are you feeling about yourself right now?  You have put yourself in Heaven or you have put yourself in the three-dimensional material world called Earth.  Very, very grounded this Earth.  Beloveds, it is delightful to tell you today that this very day you can be in paradise.  You can live in Heaven on Earth.  Whatever comes to you this day make light of it, and do not go back into yesterday, and do not go forward into tomorrow, for you will leave your Heaven.  Heaven cannot be found in yesterday.  No.  It is darkness, it is a forest there.  It will always leave you sad and in despair and in if onlies.  If only this had happened, then I could be happy, if it happened my way.  And if you go to tomorrow, then you cannot feel the opportunity to love today.  What is here for you today?  What can you love today?  Who can you be today?  What can you give today?  What can you feel today?  What can you say today?  This moment is your opportunity for Heaven on Earth, and now this moment, and now this moment, and now this moment.  Are you going to lose it?  Are you going to use it?  The choice is yours.  Let us construct then a feeling tone, and this is our opportunity.  Construct ye a feeling tone of joy, happiness.  Feel ye a miracle.  Let us go deeper into that.  Feel ye Heaven, angels, and if you like, babies or puppies or kittens or butterflies or nature or swimming or flying.  Feel ye this.  Feel what you imagine is freedom and expansion, and allow yourself to say these words: 

“Dear Divine I Am All That Is, I give you thanks and glory and love for my creation and for this opportunity to live and to be, to love and to share, and to glorify you through my works.  I will not hide my gifts, but I will offer them.  I will not be afraid to be laughed at, for another person’s laughter is only the mirror of my own uncertainties and insecurities.  I remind myself I am one with All That Is.  I am already brave if I feel it.  I’m already powerful if I allow it.  I am already everything if I be it.  It is here and now and only here and now that I can own my lower and my power and my beauty and my glory.  And so I choose to be it now or lose it forever.  So I walk now towards the light.  I am divine, I am the light, and I let my light shine today.  And every day I will make this choice.  I will just let my light shine, and I will see the glory.  I will see what comes to me, and I will respond to it with love, compassion, peace, understanding.  I will respond according to who I am, a child of God.  All my gifts in hand already, I let it be.  I live light gloriously.  Pleased and powerful am I in my love.  I am Heaven on Earth.” 

And so it is.  Amen, amen, amen.

A Channeled Message for 2017 from Betsy-Morgan and ORION

by Betsy-Morgan on 01/10/17

What Is Channeling?

by Betsy-Morgan on 11/05/16

There are many ways to describe what this healing art form called CHANNELING is….but, basically, it is choosing Love.  It simply is the willingness to listen to your God Voice, your Soul, or your Higher Self.  And, it feels exquisite! 

 This beautiful Voice will give itself many names, but all names lead only to the one true Source = God.  It doesn’t care what name you give to it.  It simply loves you, wants you to be happy.  So It  freely offers all the answers for you and your life, if you want to ask and listen.

 This Voice is ALWAYS available for you ~ and far easier to connect to than you may at first think.  I want to invite you to look at all the free psychic/channeling YouTube’s I have. Each one explains  in more depth the spiritual mystery of becoming psychic and how easy  it is to Learn to Channel. 

 I also have many, many new blogs on my website:   Please, help yourself to the reading, and share any of them if you want to.  If a question comes up, email me!  I will be your bridge until you “get on your feet” with your natural psychic and channeling abilities!

In the meantime ~ Enjoy your Adventure!  Open your Heart to Love and to Life!  That’s where to begin! 

How to get more to get more to get more God energy!

by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

Our dear Beloved Ones ~ we send you our complete and unending gratitude. For you are the Saviors of the planet.  You have stepped forward.  You are courageous enough to be different and to walk to your own drummer.  What you have chosen to read now is a highly love-charged vibration message that will change your consciousness and thus change your life!

     Do you know why? Ye have come so that others, ALL people, can have Love, Joy & Prosperity abundantly!  You have been called and you answered…you said “Yes!”  One of your “freedoms” is to speak to your loving spiritual Self, angels and other beautiful psychic guides who are here to help you be happier, more prosperous & loved!  Don’t waste this precious freedom because it is not talked openly about.  It is YOURS NOW if you use it.  And, if you use it, through practice, it will grow.  Your ability to talk to the mysterious high vibrational realm of God knowledge is at hand.  Just start.  Just use it.  It is one of your natural human gifts = discover and use it.  It will increase the JOY OF LIFE!

This will bring you great rewards!  What do YOU want?  Claim it!  It’s waiting for you to own it in consciousness!  Visualize, feel it here now…BELIEVE.  Be grateful.  Live “as if” and let it be.  I AM

Expressing God is the greatest gift you can give back to God from this Dimension!  Be a true inspiration to others. Let them SEE through you what is possible for ALL!

The 4th of July! = FREEDOM!

by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16


Your higher Nature cries for Freedom.  It’s your natural state of being.  We have been through a lot lately.  Unspeakable tragedy.  But, we can come together and believe.  Believe In Freedom, Safety and Unity. Today – Ask that it be reborn in you and in the world.  If it can be reborn in you, it shall begin to be reborn everywhere. Let us have the courage and the will and the commitment to live with the attitude of Freedom.  = “I AM FREE AND SO ARE YOU.”  It begins INSIDE.  Freedom is who you are!

Thank you sincerely for your willingness to love, to serve, to forgive, to begin again… and to respect this magnificent, powerful and  inherent Gift of Freedom!   You can always begin by giving Love wherever you see fear.  And, you will see it – the world is afraid right now.   BE THE LIGHT, BE THE LOVE.

Here is an exercise if you wish to participate.  It will take you only 5 minutes.

  1.  Close your eyes and breathe easily and deeply into your heart.
  2.  Allow your heart to open to unconditional love and forgiveness to yourself and everyone
  3.  Own that you are One with God and allow that Truth and Power to begin to vibrate within you.
  4.  Send out to the world (through thoughts, feelings and visualization) “Choose Love, choose Love!
  5.  The only freedom you can count on everyday is yours = freedom of thought & consciousness
  6. Choosing Love begets Love, and the vibration of love brings Peace.
  7.  Peace within the hearts of all mankind, releases fear, releases the focus on differences and thus, produces FREEDOM.

There are many ways you can participant in bringing manifested global Freedom.  Think of one way.  Post it.  Live it. Be it.  Just know that whatever you do, it has a vibration.  Vibration has a sound.  Vibrational sound  is so high in frequency you cannot hear it…but if you could, know that, an action or thought of love sounds like beautiful  music…. Spiritual music.  Some say it sounds like chimes…like a heavenly harp or bell.   Let Freedom Ring.


by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

This is the most exciting ….(and sometimes difficult)… of all relationships on the planet!  I hope you find yours!   (I will write another blog on HOW TO FIND YOUR SOULMATE!   Look for it!)

When you find a Soul Mate, you will find an instant attraction and connection.  You will be drawn to them.  You will feel like you have known them before (because you have!)  You most likely will want to be around them – a lot!

There is so much to share about these exciting relationships (volumes!)  So,  I will attempt to hit the high points.

  1. When you find a SM….You COULD be destined to spend a long and happy life together!  But, more often than not, you and your SM (Soulmate) have come together once again to learn and to grow through love and all the challenges that love brings.  The love is the glue that will keep you together while you learn the lessons you signed up for. (Yes, before you incarnated, you met together at your drawing board and discussed everything and came to an agreement of what you each would give and receive.) There are no victims…even in spiritual relationships.  Often, you and your SM are working out Karma.  You may be preparing for the next life when then you WILL have that “dream-come-true” togetherness!
  2. You have more than one Soul Mate…but it’s important to know that you DO HAVE a primary SM!  Even though we want it to be a romantic relationship, sometimes our primary SM is a mother, sibling or best friend.   They will be more agreeable to get along with ~ often our closest confidant.  Other SM’s will come along for more varied relationships.  You can enjoy each one and be grateful for what it has to offer.  Remember, some are FUN, while others help teach us lessons…because they love us and have “signed on” for it.
  3.  Without SM’s we would be lost on earth…wandering without much “juice” for life!  They give us meaning and joy …and yes, sometimes drama.  When you have the good fortune to find one of yours, look for the lesson and with boundaries = give freely of Love!  That is how you will find your greatest fulfillment through Soul Mate Relationships

What is Channeling? = Listening to the Voice of God!

by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

There are many ways to describe what this healing art form called CHANNELING is….but, basically, it is choosing Love.  It simply is the willingness to listen to your God Voice, your Soul, or your Higher Self.  And, it feels exquisite! 

 This beautiful Voice will give itself many names, but all names lead only to the one true Source = God.  It doesn’t care what name you give to it.  It simply loves you, wants you to be happy.  So It  freely offers all the answers for you and your life, if you want to ask and listen.

 This Voice is ALWAYS available for you ~ and far easier to connect to than you may at first think.  I want to invite you to look at all the free psychic/channeling YouTube’s I have. Each one explains  in more depth the spiritual mystery of becoming psychic and how easy  it is to Learn to Channel. 

 I also have many, many new blogs on my website:   Please, help yourself to the reading, and share any of them if you want to.  If a question comes up, email me!  I will be your bridge until you “get on your feet” with your natural psychic and channeling abilities!

In the meantime ~ Enjoy your Adventure!  Open your Heart to Love and to Life!  That’s where to begin! 


by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

“I noticed that during my readings, sometimes an answer that comes through may be quite surprising to the client despite the loving delivery. It’s not what they were hoping to hear. When this happens the fear based emotions of the the client has sometimes 'drawn' me out of the channeling state and into fear along with them. I've grown stronger in this area  with boundary work (which was huge for me),  but would love any information you and Orion may offer on this.”

Good Question:  This happens to many new psychics (and even something that seasoned psychics have to watch out for.)

As a new psychic, I would encourage you to continue to strengthen the trust you are building with your Higher Self, and your guides and angels.

      As I read your email, I can "see" that you are mainly using your top chakra (Crown & Channeling chakra) to channel...when you channeling it is VERY high vibrational work and we don't now what is going to be said until we hear the words as our client hears the, the answer may surprise even US!  This is normal for a psychic channel.  As you continue to channel, you will develop your third eye chakra (forehead, psychic, clairvoyant) and you will add more info to the reading by "Seeing" what is coming for your client and it gives you a greater sense of trust as we (the psychic) feel more in control...something our ego loves. 

      In the mean time, remind yourself and your client that THE GUIDE is giving the information NOT YOU.  That this is spiritual information that only Spirit knows...also, let them know that as they themselves change their inner beliefs, PLUS love themselves more, and visualize the outcome they prefer....the future may CHANGE!  Let them know that we are co-creating with God.  "As above, so below"...or as in consciousness, so in physical reality.  God want us happy.  God wants us powerful.  "These and greater things shall you do."  So, there is a Law = "God and I are one".  Meaning, whatever we want, believe, focus on, AND ours!   "Be vigilant"...or watch your thinking!  

         Every minute we are creating an outcome....what YOU are doing for them is letting them see what they are attracting.  THEN, if they don't like it = remind them that they have FREE WILL and can change the way they are using the Law.  We are never victims.  (Only of our own unconscious thinking!) Let them know that you know what they want to hear...and you want to tell them that...but, even more - you want to tell the truth, or what Spirit is telling you to say to them. NEXT!  Ask Spirit what they are learning from the challenge they are going through and tell them.  NEXT!  Ask Spirit if there is a way they can avoid or change that outcome they don't like.

Most of all = YOU continue to trust Spirit, and look for the "waterfall of Light", and keep practicing, and ask Orion to help you.  You are doing GREAT!!

                                  I'm proud of you!

                                       Love, Betsy-M

Recommended Psychic Medium

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/30/16

A good Psychic Medium or Channel is someone who helps you feel more positive about your life and all the possibilities that lie before you.  They show you ways to achieve your potential.  When the reading is over – you feel a sort of relief and a sense of direction.  A recommended Psychic Medium or Channel tells you the Truth about your present and your future, without discouragement, and with authenticity. You will feel more aligned with your core strength and have the inner courage to take action toward the outcome you desire.

They remind you that your guide and the Divine is a spiritual Friend that is always with you and wants to help you.  You are reminded that you are never alone…and that Spirit wants your happiness.  You are guided in that direction ~ but never forced or pushed to take any action that is uncomfortable for you to take.  If there is something that is disappointing coming into your life, it will be shared in such a way that you understand the lesson being offered and how you can walk through the challenge with the greatest comfort and faith.  

You may be encouraged to discover your own inner knowingness and depend upon your own intuition. They will encourage and help you to discover your own natural inner knowingness. 

A recommended Psychic medium or channel is a doorway into more Love.  You will feel supported, encouraged, empowered, and confident.  In this person, you can find a healthy and strong relationship ~ one based on honesty, respect and kindness.  Look for this, and if you don’t find it the first time, keep looking.  We are out there.  We are out there for YOU!

Psychic Reading Online

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/30/16

For  25 years, I have been a psychic medium and channel; and, I have done thousands of readings for people either in-person, on the phone or online.  I find that all of these ways work just as good as the other.  It really is person preference. What is wonderful about conference call or online readings is that you can have a reading with the psychic of your choice because you have access to a global market!

WHAT IS A PSYCHIC READING?  A psychic reading is : “the receiving of amazing and accurate information about you from an extremely loving Source”.  It’s like climbing to the top of a mountain where the view is better.  Or, energetically crossing a bridge into greater availability of what is true for you in your life.   With a channeling or psychic reading, you can discover ways to achieve your greatest desires!  The person who is reading for you has access to this exciting information through their spirit guides & angels, or clairvoyant ability. A good psychic can tell you just about anything!

YOU CAN LEARN TO BE A PSYCHIC MEDIUM OR CHANNEL IF YOU WANT TO!  I have been teaching “Opening to your Psychic Ability” and “Learn to Channel” internationally for years.  Many of my students have gone on to become professionals, living lives of great fulfillment and even prosperity.  Because of this gift of teaching channeling and opening others to be psychic, I have often been called, “Teacher of Teacher.”  I love this nickname.  There is nothing I am more passionate about that helping others achieve their dreams!

Psychic Medium ~ What is it??

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/30/16

Being Psychic is the ability to receive accurate information from higher realms & other dimensions, even the angelic realm.  It is being able to see, feel, hear, or know in the invisible realm of Truth. One psychic gift is being able to see into past-lives.  Another is seeing into one’s aura so you can help them with their health – that’s called being a medical intuitive. One is channeling, which is allowing a loving spirit guide or angels to talk to you through your higher self and give you wisdom and answers.  Good news is that everyone is a little psychic ~ yes, even you! But, if you don’t know it or experience it ~ quite possibly you don’t believe that YOU CAN BE PSYCHIC!  Quite the opposite is true.  You already are...and your hidden gift can be nurtured and blossom if you want it to!

Being a medium is being psychic in a specific way.  When you are a medium, you can hear, see, feel or know in the realm of heaven!  With this gift you can help those “left behind” to find peace and resolution with their friends and family who have passed away.  Often a medium can actually feel the love the one in heaven has for the one left behind, and it feels...well, quite heavenly!

Being a psychic medium is one who can do more than one psychic gift.  They are a medium, as explained in the paragraph above, PLUS, they can explore other dimensions of psychic awareness. There are many way to express psychic awareness ~developing the ability to look into higher realms can bring great satisfaction and joy.  It becomes fun, interesting, peaceful ~ but NEVER invasive.  Spirit has a way of protecting the innocent.  If something is to be left private for the highest good of a person, it is.  Spirit LOVES us.  These natural spiritual gifts are to be used accordingly. 

I am a psychic medium, and I am a psychic medium TEACHER!  I have done this for over 20 years!  I have taught literally thousands of people.  I love helping someone discover their own special way to express their psychic nature. I always begin by teaching you to channel.  Because of my one-of-a-kind technique, I make it easy, fun and fast! I help you to open your psychic centers to the higher realms (your true nature) and meet your spirit guides.   Once opened, you easily develop your own unique gift ~ and become a psychic medium if you want to!

Best phone psychic readings

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/25/16

Are you looking for the very best phone psychic readings? Maybe you want to become a phone psychic yourself? I will teach you to channel your inner power and help you develop your own psychic abilities and connection to a higher power. 

I offer only 1 class per month and with ONLY 4 students per class during a 2 hour session. I do this to build a psychic power network between the small class of 4 students and to help get to know everyone on a personal and spiritual level. This allows me to give more time and attention to each student and grow a connection to channel each others psychic strengths and gifts. 

I also offer an in-depth, 12 week online course to meet your guides and angels, verbally channel your guides, develop your psychic awareness, and much more! Click HERE for more details!

YouTube Channeling Spirits

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/25/16

I have been channeling for over 25 years and have seen it all. I am referring specifically to what I have seen presented as psychic or paranormal truths on YOUTUBE.  Many of the psychics, mediums, channels and healers are offering beautiful information that is accurate and filled with love.  But some are not!

How do you recognize Impure information?

Pure information comes from the heart, the plane of the Soul. You will sense unity, love, freedom, and respect for everything that lives. Pure information will touch you by giving an immediate sense of peace, love, and freedom. It makes us feel good about the universe we live in; it gives us a sense of confidence about ourselves. It gives us hope and options, and free will and choice and personal empowerment. Pure information leads to a true understanding of who we are.

The purpose of impure information is usually to hinder spiritual development and often creates fearful beliefs and illusions. Impure information often leaves one afraid. It creates drama.

The one Truth is: “God and I are One” Whatever religion you have or don’t have, that is the one Truth. Impure information promotes duality and separation. When looking for a good psychic medium to tell you about your past lives, future predictions, paranormal psychic portals, or even to solve everyday problems.  Look for one that comes from a grounded, solid and loving place.

Psychic and Spiritual Community

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/24/16

Psychics, mediums, channels and energy healers are Light-workers.  These are loving people who volunteered, often before birth, to help our planet & all the people on it to heal and become happier. Each light-worker or psychic channel is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, our belief that we are “only human” creates a form of amnesia in us. Then we question our own desire to help, or serve, in this way. You may have forgotten. 

But, something in you reminded you, and that is why you are reading this article. You are ready to wake up to your true purpose in life. Everywhere on the planet right now, light-workers, psychics and channels are awakening to faint memories about why they came to earth. They hear an inner calling that can't be ignored.. 

You can fully awaken to your innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities, through taking one of my exciting channeling classes. Here you will discover the gifts you were born to give!


You don't need to add anything to yourselves to prepare for this class or your mission. You already have natural abilities, even if they are presently dormant.  Just release the fear that you are not ready. That is all that keeps one from following one’s calling. Remind yourself that your spiritual power comes from your higher self and God & then you will automatically feel more assured of your abilities as a spiritual healer within the psychic power network. 

If you are ready for a life-changing, exciting and fulfilling experience and want to become happier while adding to the joy of the planet, what are you waiting for?!  Click Here!

Become Psychic Fast

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/24/16


Archangel Orion (2016)

Are you among the thousands of people who are interested in the nature of being psychic?

You are in good company!  Did you know that every day over 100 new people turn to the world of the “paranormal” for answers to their problems!  Being a “psychic medium” has become the topic of every day conversation.  Why?  It’s exciting … and it works!

Being  able to channel angels and spirits is simply, “the ability to sense into other dimensions and communicate with loving beings and energies, or even including the spirits of people who have died.”  Often loved ones in heaven are called upon to help solve unresolved problems that those, “left behind” are dealing with.

Everyone has some level of psychic ability.  If you are interested enough to read this article, YOU will have that ability too!  What does it take to “learn to become psychic?" First, all you need is a tiny bit of faith in yourself. Enough to time to investigate your natural talents and allow them to bloom.  Second, the willingness to say to yourself, “I AM interested and I can do this for me.” Often natural psychics are so interested in helping others that they always do for others first and don’t leave time and energy for themselves. Third, know that not everyone is born CONSCIOUSLY psychic. It may take a person like myself who is awakened to these gifts to awaken them in you. 

I have been gifted with the gift to teach others to become psychic fast! And I can teach YOU!  IF you would like to know more, please CLICK HERE for more info!  Have fun and enjoy your wonderful adventure!