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Best phone psychic readings

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/25/16

Are you looking for the very best phone psychic readings? Maybe you want to become a phone psychic yourself? I will teach you to channel your inner power and help you develop your own psychic abilities and connection to a higher power. 

I offer only 1 class per month and with ONLY 4 students per class during a 2 hour session. I do this to build a psychic power network between the small class of 4 students and to help get to know everyone on a personal and spiritual level. This allows me to give more time and attention to each student and grow a connection to channel each others psychic strengths and gifts. 

I also offer an in-depth, 12 week online course to meet your guides and angels, verbally channel your guides, develop your psychic awareness, and much more! Click HERE for more details!

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