How to get more to get more to get more God energy! : One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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How to get more to get more to get more God energy!

by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

Our dear Beloved Ones ~ we send you our complete and unending gratitude. For you are the Saviors of the planet.  You have stepped forward.  You are courageous enough to be different and to walk to your own drummer.  What you have chosen to read now is a highly love-charged vibration message that will change your consciousness and thus change your life!

     Do you know why? Ye have come so that others, ALL people, can have Love, Joy & Prosperity abundantly!  You have been called and you answered…you said “Yes!”  One of your “freedoms” is to speak to your loving spiritual Self, angels and other beautiful psychic guides who are here to help you be happier, more prosperous & loved!  Don’t waste this precious freedom because it is not talked openly about.  It is YOURS NOW if you use it.  And, if you use it, through practice, it will grow.  Your ability to talk to the mysterious high vibrational realm of God knowledge is at hand.  Just start.  Just use it.  It is one of your natural human gifts = discover and use it.  It will increase the JOY OF LIFE!

This will bring you great rewards!  What do YOU want?  Claim it!  It’s waiting for you to own it in consciousness!  Visualize, feel it here now…BELIEVE.  Be grateful.  Live “as if” and let it be.  I AM

Expressing God is the greatest gift you can give back to God from this Dimension!  Be a true inspiration to others. Let them SEE through you what is possible for ALL!

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