HOW TO TRUST A READING? ( A STUDENT’S QUESTION ) : One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

“I noticed that during my readings, sometimes an answer that comes through may be quite surprising to the client despite the loving delivery. It’s not what they were hoping to hear. When this happens the fear based emotions of the the client has sometimes 'drawn' me out of the channeling state and into fear along with them. I've grown stronger in this area  with boundary work (which was huge for me),  but would love any information you and Orion may offer on this.”

Good Question:  This happens to many new psychics (and even something that seasoned psychics have to watch out for.)

As a new psychic, I would encourage you to continue to strengthen the trust you are building with your Higher Self, and your guides and angels.

      As I read your email, I can "see" that you are mainly using your top chakra (Crown & Channeling chakra) to channel...when you channeling it is VERY high vibrational work and we don't now what is going to be said until we hear the words as our client hears the, the answer may surprise even US!  This is normal for a psychic channel.  As you continue to channel, you will develop your third eye chakra (forehead, psychic, clairvoyant) and you will add more info to the reading by "Seeing" what is coming for your client and it gives you a greater sense of trust as we (the psychic) feel more in control...something our ego loves. 

      In the mean time, remind yourself and your client that THE GUIDE is giving the information NOT YOU.  That this is spiritual information that only Spirit knows...also, let them know that as they themselves change their inner beliefs, PLUS love themselves more, and visualize the outcome they prefer....the future may CHANGE!  Let them know that we are co-creating with God.  "As above, so below"...or as in consciousness, so in physical reality.  God want us happy.  God wants us powerful.  "These and greater things shall you do."  So, there is a Law = "God and I are one".  Meaning, whatever we want, believe, focus on, AND ours!   "Be vigilant"...or watch your thinking!  

         Every minute we are creating an outcome....what YOU are doing for them is letting them see what they are attracting.  THEN, if they don't like it = remind them that they have FREE WILL and can change the way they are using the Law.  We are never victims.  (Only of our own unconscious thinking!) Let them know that you know what they want to hear...and you want to tell them that...but, even more - you want to tell the truth, or what Spirit is telling you to say to them. NEXT!  Ask Spirit what they are learning from the challenge they are going through and tell them.  NEXT!  Ask Spirit if there is a way they can avoid or change that outcome they don't like.

Most of all = YOU continue to trust Spirit, and look for the "waterfall of Light", and keep practicing, and ask Orion to help you.  You are doing GREAT!!

                                  I'm proud of you!

                                       Love, Betsy-M

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