PROTECTION TECHNIQUES : One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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by Betsy-Morgan on 01/08/20

     Please know that I feel protection is necessary when doing psychic work. This spiritual work involves energy which is amazing and mysterious. The better you get the more mysterious and wonderful it becomes.  I feel you must keep yourself protected and do not dabble in negativity. Channeling, as well as all energy work, is not a party game.  It is a wonderful spiritual activity that deserves our respect.

     As we open our energy field to help others, we may bring some of their energy into our field.  Since we are helping them to heal, some of that energy may feel negative, confusing or unhappy.  You can keep yourself from bringing that into your energy field by doing a simple exercise before you begin your channeling session. Here are 3 sample exercises:

    Here is one exercise!  Close your eyes, drop into your heart and take several deep, relaxing breaths.  Ask for the presence of light and love to guide and protect you throughout your session and throughout your day.  Ask for more light to protect you while you are doing your spiritual work.  Visualize a beautiful bubble of pure white light moving from your heart chakra up into your entire auric field and beyond. Know that this cocoon of Light is your protection. Ask for an angel to stand between you and the client to dissolve any negativity that may be released during the session.  Think to yourself “Only Love can enter here”. Then, give Thanks!

**FYI:  This information, and more protection exercises, can be found on page 122 of my book, “I’m Beside Myself ~ A Beginner’s Guide to Channeling”

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