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Psychic Medium ~ What is it??

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/30/16

Being Psychic is the ability to receive accurate information from higher realms & other dimensions, even the angelic realm.  It is being able to see, feel, hear, or know in the invisible realm of Truth. One psychic gift is being able to see into past-lives.  Another is seeing into one’s aura so you can help them with their health – that’s called being a medical intuitive. One is channeling, which is allowing a loving spirit guide or angels to talk to you through your higher self and give you wisdom and answers.  Good news is that everyone is a little psychic ~ yes, even you! But, if you don’t know it or experience it ~ quite possibly you don’t believe that YOU CAN BE PSYCHIC!  Quite the opposite is true.  You already are...and your hidden gift can be nurtured and blossom if you want it to!

Being a medium is being psychic in a specific way.  When you are a medium, you can hear, see, feel or know in the realm of heaven!  With this gift you can help those “left behind” to find peace and resolution with their friends and family who have passed away.  Often a medium can actually feel the love the one in heaven has for the one left behind, and it feels...well, quite heavenly!

Being a psychic medium is one who can do more than one psychic gift.  They are a medium, as explained in the paragraph above, PLUS, they can explore other dimensions of psychic awareness. There are many way to express psychic awareness ~developing the ability to look into higher realms can bring great satisfaction and joy.  It becomes fun, interesting, peaceful ~ but NEVER invasive.  Spirit has a way of protecting the innocent.  If something is to be left private for the highest good of a person, it is.  Spirit LOVES us.  These natural spiritual gifts are to be used accordingly. 

I am a psychic medium, and I am a psychic medium TEACHER!  I have done this for over 20 years!  I have taught literally thousands of people.  I love helping someone discover their own special way to express their psychic nature. I always begin by teaching you to channel.  Because of my one-of-a-kind technique, I make it easy, fun and fast! I help you to open your psychic centers to the higher realms (your true nature) and meet your spirit guides.   Once opened, you easily develop your own unique gift ~ and become a psychic medium if you want to!

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