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Recommended Psychic Medium

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/30/16

A good Psychic Medium or Channel is someone who helps you feel more positive about your life and all the possibilities that lie before you.  They show you ways to achieve your potential.  When the reading is over – you feel a sort of relief and a sense of direction.  A recommended Psychic Medium or Channel tells you the Truth about your present and your future, without discouragement, and with authenticity. You will feel more aligned with your core strength and have the inner courage to take action toward the outcome you desire.

They remind you that your guide and the Divine is a spiritual Friend that is always with you and wants to help you.  You are reminded that you are never alone…and that Spirit wants your happiness.  You are guided in that direction ~ but never forced or pushed to take any action that is uncomfortable for you to take.  If there is something that is disappointing coming into your life, it will be shared in such a way that you understand the lesson being offered and how you can walk through the challenge with the greatest comfort and faith.  

You may be encouraged to discover your own inner knowingness and depend upon your own intuition. They will encourage and help you to discover your own natural inner knowingness. 

A recommended Psychic medium or channel is a doorway into more Love.  You will feel supported, encouraged, empowered, and confident.  In this person, you can find a healthy and strong relationship ~ one based on honesty, respect and kindness.  Look for this, and if you don’t find it the first time, keep looking.  We are out there.  We are out there for YOU!

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1. Carla said on 6/3/16 - 04:32PM
I am so grateful that I found you and choose you to be my channeling teacher! Thank you for sharing your gift of channeling with me and the many others and the many others to come. You are a gift to the world!

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