SOULMATE RELATIONSHIPS ~ What are they?? : One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16

This is the most exciting ….(and sometimes difficult)… of all relationships on the planet!  I hope you find yours!   (I will write another blog on HOW TO FIND YOUR SOULMATE!   Look for it!)

When you find a Soul Mate, you will find an instant attraction and connection.  You will be drawn to them.  You will feel like you have known them before (because you have!)  You most likely will want to be around them – a lot!

There is so much to share about these exciting relationships (volumes!)  So,  I will attempt to hit the high points.

  1. When you find a SM….You COULD be destined to spend a long and happy life together!  But, more often than not, you and your SM (Soulmate) have come together once again to learn and to grow through love and all the challenges that love brings.  The love is the glue that will keep you together while you learn the lessons you signed up for. (Yes, before you incarnated, you met together at your drawing board and discussed everything and came to an agreement of what you each would give and receive.) There are no victims…even in spiritual relationships.  Often, you and your SM are working out Karma.  You may be preparing for the next life when then you WILL have that “dream-come-true” togetherness!
  2. You have more than one Soul Mate…but it’s important to know that you DO HAVE a primary SM!  Even though we want it to be a romantic relationship, sometimes our primary SM is a mother, sibling or best friend.   They will be more agreeable to get along with ~ often our closest confidant.  Other SM’s will come along for more varied relationships.  You can enjoy each one and be grateful for what it has to offer.  Remember, some are FUN, while others help teach us lessons…because they love us and have “signed on” for it.
  3.  Without SM’s we would be lost on earth…wandering without much “juice” for life!  They give us meaning and joy …and yes, sometimes drama.  When you have the good fortune to find one of yours, look for the lesson and with boundaries = give freely of Love!  That is how you will find your greatest fulfillment through Soul Mate Relationships

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