The 4th of July! = FREEDOM! : One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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The 4th of July! = FREEDOM!

by Betsy-Morgan on 07/11/16


Your higher Nature cries for Freedom.  It’s your natural state of being.  We have been through a lot lately.  Unspeakable tragedy.  But, we can come together and believe.  Believe In Freedom, Safety and Unity. Today – Ask that it be reborn in you and in the world.  If it can be reborn in you, it shall begin to be reborn everywhere. Let us have the courage and the will and the commitment to live with the attitude of Freedom.  = “I AM FREE AND SO ARE YOU.”  It begins INSIDE.  Freedom is who you are!

Thank you sincerely for your willingness to love, to serve, to forgive, to begin again… and to respect this magnificent, powerful and  inherent Gift of Freedom!   You can always begin by giving Love wherever you see fear.  And, you will see it – the world is afraid right now.   BE THE LIGHT, BE THE LOVE.

Here is an exercise if you wish to participate.  It will take you only 5 minutes.

  1.  Close your eyes and breathe easily and deeply into your heart.
  2.  Allow your heart to open to unconditional love and forgiveness to yourself and everyone
  3.  Own that you are One with God and allow that Truth and Power to begin to vibrate within you.
  4.  Send out to the world (through thoughts, feelings and visualization) “Choose Love, choose Love!
  5.  The only freedom you can count on everyday is yours = freedom of thought & consciousness
  6. Choosing Love begets Love, and the vibration of love brings Peace.
  7.  Peace within the hearts of all mankind, releases fear, releases the focus on differences and thus, produces FREEDOM.

There are many ways you can participant in bringing manifested global Freedom.  Think of one way.  Post it.  Live it. Be it.  Just know that whatever you do, it has a vibration.  Vibration has a sound.  Vibrational sound  is so high in frequency you cannot hear it…but if you could, know that, an action or thought of love sounds like beautiful  music…. Spiritual music.  Some say it sounds like chimes…like a heavenly harp or bell.   Let Freedom Ring.

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