WHAT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL IN MY LIFE JOURNEY? : One Loving Pathway to Higher Awareness = Channeling, The Path of the Open Heart
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by Betsy-Morgan on 06/21/19

In answer to: Is there anything that you see that would be beneficial and in my highest good at this time to focus on or attend to?

I would say to:

1.)  Practice.  (Keep your Spiritual times light, fun and fill with a sense of play and freedom.)

2.)  Don't judge yourself or your channeling.  (LOL -Try not to judge ever.)

3.)  Listen to any Orion channeling over again as it has very high level vibration which helps us always to lift, and consciously connect to the Divine messages.

4.)  Avoid negative thinking and feeling.  (Includes, read some Maryanne Williamson or Neville books....a page or two every day.)

5.)  Remember that every thought or feeling is a prayer and attracts that which you are assuming.

6.)  Work on your consciousness.  That's really who we are and all that we take with us.

7.)  Trust the process. WHATEVER you are going through - there's a good lesson there for you. Give "thanks" and ask your guides, "What is my lesson?"

Also, of course, get a channeling with me to hear from Spirit anytime you feel called to do so! 

                                       Lots and lots of angel-love!


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