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YouTube Channeling Spirits

by Betsy-Morgan on 05/25/16

I have been channeling for over 25 years and have seen it all. I am referring specifically to what I have seen presented as psychic or paranormal truths on YOUTUBE.  Many of the psychics, mediums, channels and healers are offering beautiful information that is accurate and filled with love.  But some are not!

How do you recognize Impure information?

Pure information comes from the heart, the plane of the Soul. You will sense unity, love, freedom, and respect for everything that lives. Pure information will touch you by giving an immediate sense of peace, love, and freedom. It makes us feel good about the universe we live in; it gives us a sense of confidence about ourselves. It gives us hope and options, and free will and choice and personal empowerment. Pure information leads to a true understanding of who we are.

The purpose of impure information is usually to hinder spiritual development and often creates fearful beliefs and illusions. Impure information often leaves one afraid. It creates drama.

The one Truth is: “God and I are One” Whatever religion you have or don’t have, that is the one Truth. Impure information promotes duality and separation. When looking for a good psychic medium to tell you about your past lives, future predictions, paranormal psychic portals, or even to solve everyday problems.  Look for one that comes from a grounded, solid and loving place.

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