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Miracle CD Available Now for download! 
I'm Beside Myself - A Learning to Channel CD
Available Now for Download  

I'm Beside Myself- 
Learning to Channel CD                        $30
Betsy feels this is the greatest value on her website!
This is Day One of the Beginning to Channel Class. With this download, it is possible for you to learn to channel on your own. 
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Cleansing, Cord Cutting and Protection $25 
1 hour archive                                                    
Working with Archangel Michael and the Angels, you can learn how to cut cords and cleanse the "angel way"
The Original and Amazing Ascension CD  $30
This "Miracle CD" will literally lift you into the 5th dimension. In order to support all of us going to the 5th by 2012, Betsy-Morgan has made this download. Listen to it once and enjoy the bliss; listen to it daily for best results. Happy Ascension! 
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Soul Mate Workshop                      $30
1 hr 22 min archive 
Connect with your soul mate and their energy. Excellent Channeling with Archangel Chamuel and Lady Maitreya.
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Spiritual Energy Transitions and How We Can Shift  
1.5 hour Archive 
This August Monthly Monday was filled with high vibrational love, a channeling with Betsy and ORION & an Ascension Exercise you do not want to miss.. A Gift of Love and Light to you from Betsy & ORION.  
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"Enlightening & Channeling from Guides" 
Channeled by Betsy-Morgan              $15
This 1.5 hour seminar download is flowing with Love, Sincerity & Angels! Join Betsy-Morgan as she channels an Initiation of Light which will lead your Light body over the Rainbow Bridge into the 12th Dimension! This amazing exercise can be FELT & will help YOU to take a quantum leap into higher awareness unifying your personality with your Soul Plan!
 Lots of psychic answers to your most pressing personal questions - You don't want to miss this one! 
Channeling and Healing Circle    
Enjoy this 1 hour high vibrational healing. This download includes channeling with Betsy-Morgan and two other excellent Channels. Angels, ORION and many beautiful Spirit Guides are part of this special healing. You will lift every time you listen! Enjoy!  
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How to Connect With Your Guides and Angels  
6 min
Step by step instruction to work with your guides and angels daily. Very loving and inspirational, you will listen to over and over again.
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Cleansing and Protection Exercise 
12 minutes
A Beautiful Light Exercise with Archangel Michael. How and Why to Cleanse 
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Let's Get RICH! - Receiving Prosperity   FREE
11 minutes
Channeling telling you how to receive more money today! 
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Falling in Love ! 
14 minutes
A helpful tool that helps us to look honestly and intimately at our perfect self.

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 If you have an interest in channeling, this 5 minute video will answer many of your questions.
YOU can be a confident channel!
This video is an Intro on Learning to Channel with Betsy-Morgan. Before Listening to this video, sit in a comfortable, quiet space, breathe.... and enjoy!
March Miracle Channeling Hour              FREE
1 Hour and 15 Minute Download 
Join Betsy-Morgan as she channels MIRACLES in this Channeling Parlor! This hour of power contains love, healing, answers to your most pressing questions and is infused with the high vibrational light of Orion and the Angels- for all who listen 
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The First Parlor Given Tues., Feb. 28th
Lovingly nicknamed "The Miracle Hour!!"
With this FREE Download, you will receive a channeling from Betsy and Orion, channeling tips, and questions from a live audience and channeled answers from Orion. "A loving, exciting, & extremely beneficial download (one hour and 20 minutes) for students, graduates, or simply those who like spiritual joy & upliftment".

The April Channeling Parlor                FREE
1 Hour Download 
With this FREE Download, you will receive a channeling from Betsy and Orion, high and loving vibration and channeled answers to your most pressing questions that were received from a live audience! Enjoy! 

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The May Channeling Parlor       FREE
1 Hour Download 
This FREE download offers the highest love, miracles, channeling tips for all channels, and a beautiful channeled message of Love from Betsy and Orion. Psychic and channeled answers for your most pressing questions offered to a live audience with love, wisdom and higher understanding. Enjoy!  
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and Sir Paul Channel LIVE      $10 
1-Hour 18 min. 
Listen to Betsy-Morgan, Psychic Channel; and Sir Paul, Spiritual Healer, as they channel together LIVE! Very high vibrational, empowering and healing. This is one download you don't want to miss ! 
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