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Channeling Classes  2 & 3
​Advanced Channeling Classes 2 & 3
Advanced Channeling Class 3
This 2-hour incredible educational Advanced Channeling Class is packed with love and high vibration. It will increase your psychic abilities, your connection to your guides, your confidence, and your channeling skills ! 
Valued at $150, 
NOW Only $100 
These 1-Hour ​Support Channeling Classes ! These exciting high energy 1-Hour support classes give to the student an opportunity to stay infused with positivity and excitement to move forward in your psychic journey. There's lots of love, wit, and wisdom from Betsy-Morgan. There is also a Channeling from Orion, as well as informative channeled answers to well developed questions from students around the world. 
Valued at $125, NOW Only $75 each! 
1-Hour Advanced Support Class (1)  $75 

1-Hour Advanced Support Class (2)  $75 

1-Hour Advanced Support Class (3) $75

Support Channeling Classes 
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Beginning Advanced Channeling Class 2
This 3-hour Advanced Channeling class is perfect for those of you who feel that you need a stepping stone before moving fully into the Advanced Classes. This is a beginning Advanced Channeling Class-  It helps take you from the video classes into feeling more psychically skilled and prepared to advance further. It is filled with excellent information, exercises that help you connect with your guides and channel them with other people,  and a review of Orion's "Set Up". 
(This class is designed to be taken after the Online Video Classes.)  
Valued at $175 Now only $125
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