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Read this book and begin to channel today. 
The higher vibrations are infused on every page  from our teacher guide ORION! 
"...After reading this book, from that point forward, you will be clearer on who your guides and angels are. You will begin to trust more in the presence of your non physical friends and helpers. You will begin, in a life altering way , to accept your beauty and power. This accelerated path of learning comes to you from ORION as a frequency that opens your heart and connects you to your channeling guide for the rest of your life. You can learn to bring this frequency through at will. You have guides and angels waiting for you now..." 
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YOU Can Channel In One Weekend 
Online Video Channeling Class

1.) 8 exciting teaching videos infused with High Frequency.
2.) Special Channeling Workbook written by Betsy. 
3.)  Three 1-Hour Pre-Recorded Channelings from the Angels.
4.) Connect with and channel your loving Angels and beautiful Master Teacher Guides.
5.) Develop your natural psychic skills ~ and if you want, create for yourself a fulfilling career!
6.) Betsy has successfully taught thousands to channel over the last 30 years- look for her books on Amazon!

"Thank you Betsy! It is such a true blessing to know you and to love you! To learn from you and to be empowered and set free in the world to spread the light through the Orion technology! "

"I have taken many channeling classes around the world and none helped me to channel until I took a class with Betsy and ORION" - RT